We are currently focusing all of our energy on Synchronicity Earth. Please see www.synchronicityearth.org for further details.

The Synchronicity Foundation

Most of us invest money as a way of protecting our personal future. The quality of that future, however, depends on the state of the world.

Synchronicity sees the connection and aims to deepen that interrelationship by creating and merging the activities of two realms – global investment funds and a philanthropic foundation. Through its partnership with the funds, the foundation takes its share of the profits from the management of private investments and invests it in our total environment. Better lives for our children and ourselves can only really be ensured by restoring ecological, material, and spiritual balance to the planet and its inhabitants. To that end, the foundation supports and works with projects worldwide that promote equilibrium and sustainability. Our holistic and integrated approach to investment is emerging with a new paradigm, and we believe it the best means to greater peace and prosperity for each of us.