We are currently focusing all of our energy on Synchronicity Earth. Please see www.synchronicityearth.org for further details.

The Synchronicity Foundation’s Vision

(written 2000)

We believe that most of the world’s problems result directly or indirectly from disparities in wealth, power, and opportunity. The Synchronicity Foundation acknowledges a responsibility to do what it can to prevent such imbalances and their effects where they are avoidable, to modify those that are not, and to restore equilibrium where it is possible. We aim to solve problems by thinking and acting ecologically. Thus, we support efforts to harmonize the infinitude of interactions between all living things and their total environment. By that term we mean that we conceive of our surroundings as not merely physical, but as comprising – among other things – the world of ideas and actions as well. We do not, for instance, think of the environment in the usual sense as a kind of geological envelope surrounding but essentially different from and indifferent to life within it. Instead, each of us inhabits and interacts reflexively with a constantly changing and responsive personal universe that has no boundaries because it is both internal and external. The world is an all-inclusive system, and it works best when its innumerable parts are integrated and balanced.

Through field research worldwide since 2000 we sought out persons and groups whose work aims at balance in the total environment. We welcome information and advice from as wide a network of interested persons as possible, but no project proposals or applications for funding are accepted. The choice of our project partners is made entirely at our own initiative. Our selection process is open and even whimsical, and we refuse to be boxed in by any agendas, ideologies, preconceptions, or bureaucratic imperatives. The freedom to respond quickly and creatively to problems of all types is central to our mission, and we trust intuitive decisions as much as those resulting from reasoned analysis. We take seriously the concept of synchronicity, which values coincidental occurrences and validates action in accordance with their personal meaning. Synchronicity and “going with the flow” has led us in directions we never would have taken had we stuck rigidly to a planned course of action. Knowing we are in the right place at the right time is the ultimate affirmation.

We find, support, and work with exceptional persons whose efforts to understand and improve the world are characterized by determination and creativity. Projects relating to health, education, the prevention of violence, reform of criminal justice systems, culture, artistic expression, the environment, ecology, human rights, empowerment, and the alleviation of poverty are of obvious relevance and particular interest to us, but that short list is not exclusive. We do not restrict ourselves as to the type of endeavor we may be interested in. We especially like unfunded or under-funded projects that would either not take off or would die without our support, we will fund more established projects when a positive undertaking has been demonstrated and further funding can only strengthen their outreach. Above all, we believe in local wisdom. Where our project partners know what to do and how to do it, we readily defer to their expertise. Where ours is needed, we can provide it. We hope that the variety and global diversity of their work will itself form a mosaic of human striving for sustainable worldwide equilibrium.